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Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 Leaflet Instructions

The following text is reproduced without permission from the How To Take Part Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 leaflet that was made available at National Lottery retailers from November 2003 onwards.

Taking Part in Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003

  1. Choose Your Numbers for Game 1
    The Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 playslip has 2 entry boards on it. Each board consists of 100 boxes containing the years 1904 to 2003. Choose 6 years by marking 6 boxes within one board with a vertical line. Only use a pencil or a blue or black pen. Put a clear, bold, vertical line through each number you have chosen. If you make a mistake, mark the 'void' box and use another board. If you'd like the lottery terminal to choose your numbers at random, mark the 'Lucky Dip' box on each of those boards on which you wish to play 'Lucky Dip' or simply ask the retailer for a 'Lucky Dip'. Your retailer can also enter your chosen years for you at the lottery terminal. (You should not select a set of numbers and mark the 'Lucky Dip' box on the same entry board.) If you wish to make another select, use another board. Each board will cost you £5.

  2. Your years for Game 2 are selected at random
    Entry in Game 1 automatically entitles you to entry in Game 2. The lottery terminal chooses one year from 1000 to 1999 (inclusive) and one year from 2000 to 2999 (inclusive) for you. The two years selected are printed on your ticket below your Game 1 selection.

  3. Get your ticket
    When you've paid, the retailer will enter your selections into the terminal and give you a Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 ticket. You must check that the years you have selected are correct and that the Game 2 years are shown. Also check that the barcoded serial number is clearly readable and that the 'void' box on your ticket has not been marked. Then write your name and address on the back. Keep your ticket safe, you'll need to check off your numbers in the draws. Don't lose it ! You'll need it to claim your prize, as it is the only proof that you are a winner.

    If you need to cancel your Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 ticket, you must return it to the lottery terminal from which it was purchased within two hours or, where earlier, before the retailer or system closes for the night or before the draw break at 7.30pm BST on 24th December 2003. It is not possible to cancel a 'Lucky Dip' ticket.

  4. How to win - Game 1
    If the first five years in any one six-year selection on your ticket match in any order the 5 main years drawn in Game 1, you are a top prize winner. You can also win various other prizes by matching other combinations of years. Match the Bonus Year also makes a difference to the size of your prize. See the table below.

    Prize Structure Table - Game 1
    Years to Match           Odds       Estimated Prizes
    5                 1 in 12,547,920      £10,000,000
    4+Bonus Year      1 in  2,536,282         £100,000
    4                 1 in     54,544           £2,000
    3+Bonus Year      1 in     27,272           £1,500
    3                 1 in        890             £150
    2+Bonus Year      1 in        890             £100
    2                 1 in         40              £40
    Overall 1 in 36

    The prize figures are estimates. They are based on estimated sales of £125,000,000. The exact value of prizes depends on the number of tickets sold, the number of Game 2 winners and how many people match the winning years. If 2 or more players with the Game 1 jackpot, it will be shared between them.

    In Game 1, the Match 5 Category is the highest Prize Category. If a player correctly matches the 5 Main Years and the Bonus Year, the prize will be the same as that for the Match 5 Category. If there are no jackpot winners in Game 1, the prize money rolls down to the next prize level.

  5. How to win - Game 2
    Simply match the two years shown on the Game 2 section of your ticket with the two years drawn for Game 2 and you have won a guaranteed £1 million. Each of the two dates will be a contribution of four balls drawn. If 10, 66, 21 and 30 are drawn for example, the winning years will be 1066 and 2130. Balls are drawn from 4 machines. Machine 1 contains the balls 10-19 and machine 2 contains balls 00-99 - these are used to draw the year from this millennium. Machine 3 contains balls 20-29 and machine 4 contains balls 00-99 - these are used to draw the year from the next millennium.

  6. How do you know if you have won ?
    The two draws for Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 Games 1 and 2 will be broadcast live during the New Year's Eve celebrations (they will also be live on this Web site). You can also find out results from most other national broadcast TV stations, text services, radio stations, national newspapers and www.national-lottery.co.uk (but slower to update than this Web site !).

  7. Claiming Your Prize
    Prizes can be claimed from 9am on 25th December 2003. If your prize is up to £75, you can claim it in cash from any National Lottery On-Line retailer. All you've got to do is give them your winning ticket to validate through their lottery terminal. The terminal will then produce a validation slip which will show the value of your prize. Check this against the amount paid out and return it to the retailer. At their discretion, all retailers can pay prizes of up to £200 in cash.

    Some National Lottery On-Line retailers are authorised to pay prizes of up to £500. National Lottery Post Offices will pay out prizes of up to £10,000, although prizes over £500 will be paid by cheque. Part payment of prizes over £500 can also be made in cash.

    Anything above £10,000 can only be claimed in person from a National Lottery Regional Centre from Thursday 2nd January. Regional Centres will be open from 9am to 7.30pm from 2nd to 3rd January inclusive.

    All prizes above £10,000 will be paid by cheque (no cash is held at Regional Centres).

    If you match either a) 4 years + Bonus Year or b) 5 main years or more from the 6 years drawn in Game 1, or c) the two years drawn in Game 2, please call the National Lottery Line immediately for assistance in claiming your prize.

    Ring 0845 9 100 000 (calls normally charged at local rate in the UK except from mobile telephones).

    To claim any prize above £500, you will have to complete a Prize Claim form (available at National Lottery retailers or by phoning the National Lottery Line) and provide proof of your identity. If you are claiming a large prize (over £50,000), additional checks on your winning ticket may be conducted. All National Lottery prizes must be claimed by 11pm, 29 June 2003.

    You can also, at your own risk, claim your winnings up to £10,000 by post. Send your winning ticket and the completed Prize Claim form to this address:

    The National Lottery,
    Accounts Dept.,
    P.O. Box 287,
    Watford WD1 8TT

    Remember: The National Lottery accepts no responsibility for tickets lost in the post.

  8. Publicity
    If you are a Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 winner, the National Lottery will only reveal your identity if you give written consent to publicity. It's important if you have won a major prize to to telephone the National Lottery Line immediately and certainly before you tell anyone else, so that we can advise you on your publicity options.

  9. Fun for you, funds for good causes
    Don't forget, every time you play the National Lottery, you help a good cause. About 28% of the National Lottery proceeds will, over the period of Camelot's operating licence, go to the six Good Causes - the Sports Councils, the Art Councils, the National Lottery Charities Board and the New Opportunities Fund.

  10. Things to remember
    You must be 16 years or over to play Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 or claim a prize. You must have purchased your Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 ticket by 7.30pm on Wednesday 24th December 2003 to take part in the draw. Information about National Lottery Games, including the Player Code of Practice, is available at all National Lottery retailers.

    YOur National Lottery Regional Centres are located in: Belfast, Glasgow, Reigate, Birmingham, Leeds, Sunderland, Cardiff, Liverpool, Watford, Exeter and London. Ask your National Lottery retailer for full address details.

    If you have any questions or complaints about the National Lottery, ask your National Lottery retailer or phone thee National Lottery line on 0845 9 100 000 (calls normally charged at the local rate in the UK, except for mobile phones), e-mail "national.lottery-camelot@btinternet.com" or write to:

    The National Lottery,
    P.O. Box 1010,
    Liverpool L70 1NL

    For the hard of hearing using Minicom equipment, please call 0845 9 100 045.

    Now that you know how to play, don't miss your chance to take part in Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003. It's the celebration of the millennium and maybe, just maybe, you'll see in the New Year as a millionaire.

    The Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 is subject to the Rules for On-Line Games and the Christmas Millionaire Maker 2003 Procedures (as amended from time to time). In the event of any discrepancy between this leaflet and the Games Rules and Procedures (as amended from time to time), the current Games Rules and Procedures apply. The Game Rules and Procedures are available at National Lottery retailers or from the National Lottery Line.

    Please play responsibly.

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